New Video about CR0WD’s Collaborative Work in Ithaca and New York

The Circular Construction Lab is an active member of CR0WD (Circularity, Reuse, and Zero Waste Development), along with the Just Places LabHistoric IthacaSusan Christopherson Community Planning Center, Preservation Association of Central New York, Finger Lakes ReUse, Cortland ReUse, local government officials, among others.

This new video presents the work of CR0WD and its members related to developing climate resilience through conservation and circularity in the built environment. The continued and adaptive reuse of buildings, including prolonging the service life of buildings, diverts waste from landfills and reduces greenhouse gas emissions associated with new construction. When the preservation of an existing building is not possible, deconstruction and reuse of reclaimed building materials can preserve the embodied carbon stored in materials associated with their initial raw material extraction, manufacturing, transportation and construction processes. Looking ahead, circular construction and design for disassembly aims to understand the built environment as a material depot of endless reconfiguration, reducing the extraction and waste of resources on both sides of the economy.