Circular Construction in the New York Times

On September 1st, 2021, the New York Times asked “Why Demolish When You Can Deconstruct?” Felix Heisel contributed to the article with an interview about the need for circular construction:

The whole approach to building construction will have to change if the industry is to truly become circular, said Felix Heisel, an assistant professor of architecture at Cornell and director of the Circular Construction Lab. His students are studying how to design, build and manage buildings so that components can be easily moved from one building to the next. Each built environment would effectively become a material depot for future projects.

Such a shift will require greater innovation in materials, detailed documentation of materials and a new mind-set among all stakeholders, Mr. Heisel said.

“What is being built right now is almost impossible to take apart, in ways that support high-quality recycling and reuse,” he said. “The use cycles of buildings are getting shorter and shorter. So every building at some point will either be remodeled or taken down. We should be planning for the disassembly and reutilization of all in advance.”

The full article can be accessed here.