CCL exhibits at ‘Enough is Enough’ BetaCity 2020 – Timișoara Architecture Biennial

The Circular Construction Lab together with 2hs Architekten und Ingenieur PartGmbB, the Ethiopian Institute of Architecture, Building Construction and City Development (Bisrat Kifle) and KIT Karlsruhe (Dirk E. Hebel) exhibits three projects at this years Timișoara Architecture Biennial, BETA 2020. The exhibition is titled Enough is Enough and curated by Ilka Ruby, Brîndușa Tudor and Anca Cioarec. It runs from September 25th and October 25th in Timișoara, Romania, before traveling though several other countries.

From the organizers website:
This exhibition presents dozens of projects—local and international—by architects who say “Enough is Enough.” They’ve had enough of waiting for top-down solutions, and they’re finding ways to make do with what we have: why use too much when enough will do? Their work highlights methods for treating our planet with respect and responsibility—toward the environment, toward the economy, toward society as a whole.

Beta 2020 will address the theme of responsibility for the present and future built and yet unbuilt environment, in an attempt to become a platform that articulates a position towards the ever increasing pressures (ecological, social, cultural, economic etc) that the construction sector generates.

CCL’s contributions include mycelium grown materials in form of a sculpture named Mycotecture, the Mehr.WERT.Pavillon // Added. Value. Pavilion, as well as the film Recycling Spaces, which is part of the documentary series _Spaces and the book Lessons of Informality (Felix Heisel and Bisrat Kifle, Birkhäuser 2016).