The Materials Book

The Materials Book by Ruby Press has been released:

To achieve truly climate-friendly architecture means not just switching to sources of renewable power, but building with materials that produce zero carbon emissions, use no fossil fuels, and create no waste. This publication contains essays, case studies, and a catalogue of building materials compiled by more than 60 architects, engineers, and scientists from around the world that deal with the environmentally mindful and socially responsible use of materials and resources. Ideas range from centuries-old traditions to newly developed biomaterials, from low-tech, artisanal methods to advanced digital technologies, and from incremental shifts to massive, top-down changes.

Within the book, there are two chapters by Felix Heisel – Reuse and Recycling: Materializing a Circular Economy, as well as Cultivated Building Materials: The Forth Industrial Revolution?.


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The Materials Book
Ilka Ruby & Andreas Ruby (eds)
Berlin, Ruby Press, 2020.
Binding/Format: English, 400 pages, 170 x 230 mm, soft cover
ISBN: 978-3-944074-32-0