UMAR Unit featured in two Swiss documentaries this month

Swiss television channel SRF1 is broadcasting two new documentaries in March 2020, both featuring the prototypology Urban Mining and Recycling (UMAR) by Werner Sobek with Dirk E. Hebel and Felix Heisel.

Recycling von Baumaterial – Leben im Abfall kann so wohnlich sein
(Recycling of building materials – life in waste can be so homely)
March 11, 2020, SRF1 Kulturpalast

Four fifths of our waste is generated by construction activity. There are already effective ways to build more sustainably.
Watch the trailer here: Recycling von Baumaterial

Aus Alt bau Neu! Architekten entdecken Recycling
(From old build new! Architects discover recycling)
March 12, 2020, SFR1

Recycling today is not only an ecological necessity, recycling is also hip, as the Friday bags show. Increasingly also in construction. The production of concrete, steel and glass consumes an enormous amount of energy, releases CO2, and at the end of a building’s life is its demolition – and our throw-away mentality. We can no longer afford to do so, resources are becoming scarcer. If the world consumed as many building materials as Western Europe, we would need more than one planet.
Watch the trailer here: Aus Alt bau Neu!