Mehr.WERT.Pavillon has moved to permanent site

With the end of the German Federal Garden Show , the Mehr.WERT.Pavillon by 2hs Architekten und Ingenieur PartGmbB and KIT Karlsruhe has been relocated to a permanent location at the head of Bleichinselbrücke, the bridge leading into the new city quarter Neckarbogen in Heilbronn.

Mehr.WERT.Pavillon is designed and constructed as a material depot for future constructions using only reused and recycled materials. The pavilion acted as center piece of the Inzwischenland exhibition for the duration of the Federal Garden Show in 2019, and was moved to a new and permanent location in July 2020. Designed for disassembly, the pavilion was moved in large segments without the need of any new materials – even the original foundations (lego-like concrete blocks from 100% recycled aggregate) were dug out and reused at the new location.

For more information on the pavilion, please click here.

Image credits: Ralf Seidel