Madaster Education Platform at Cornell AAP

MoU signed with Madaster Education Platform

Key to a circular building economy is a registry of usable materials in the built environment. However, until now, the international debate about material passports and platforms has been largely focused on the documentation of new construction—post-design. In an effort to fundamentally change the way we design and consequently build our future cities, the Circular Construction Lab at Cornell AAP engages tools such as material passports and circularity indicators in the early design phase. By embedding the Madaster Education Platform in select design studio courses in the Department of Architecture and the lab’s research, requirements and limits of the current software version will be tested assessed and evaluated based on their effect on better understanding and teaching circular design and construction. The common project goal is a joint development of new teaching tools that help students and instructors compare the impact of early design decisions on material circularity and the circular economy. Development will be informed by student feedback and project inputs, as well as an industrial and scientific analyses of the achieved results.

About Madaster
Madaster sees raw materials as limited editions and building material as cyclically reusable. In order to keep building materials available indefinitely, Madaster sees that they are tracked and documented so that they can be reused and kept from an ever-increasing mountain of waste. Madaster provides the means for material and building documentation similar to the registration of land parcellation and ownership. The Madaster platform enables property owners to generate a material passport for their buildings that includes material, circular, and financial information so that individual homeowners, companies, government authorities and scientists have better insights into the management of materials within the built environment. The platform and passport together support the reuse of materials through smart design that eliminates waste.  


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