Public Lecture
Future Real Estate
New Date: April 11/12, 2021

Felix Heisel invited to Lecture at Future Real Estate in Berlin

UPDATE – This event has been postponed to April 11/12, 2021 due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Felix Heisel has been invited to present his work at this years Future Real Estate Cradle to Cradle Conference. The lecture Zirkulär Bauen – Jetzt Umsetzen! will showcase the ongoing work of the Circular Construction Lab and stress the importance of a quick paradigm shift in construction. The event will be happening on May 17/18, 2020 in Berlin, Germany. Tickets are available now.

From the organizers:
We already have a construction and raw materials problem. This means that it is high time for the real estate industry to rethink planning, construction and project implementation, as well as the existing building stock – in a circular fashion. Urban Mining, Substainable Finance and of course Best Practices will be the focal points of this year’s “Future Real Estate Cradle to Cradle”. Inform yourself, discuss with us and find the relevant solutions for your business model. Take on the future together!

The full program can be downloaded here: Program Future Real Estate