Felix Heisel founding member of CROWD: Circularity, Reuse and Zero Waste Development

The Circular Construction Lab is a founding member of CR0WD: Circularity, Reuse and Zero Waste Development, which is comprised of Historic Ithaca/Significant Elements, the Susan Christopherson Community Planning Center, the Circular Construction Lab and the Just Places Lab of Cornell University, Finger Lakes Reuse, and Cortland Reuse. 

Currently, construction and demolition debris comprises the largest sector of US landfill waste (at least 40 percent). CR0WD works with NYS communities to promote sustainability and resilience of the built environment through thoughtful deconstruction that recognizes the environmental, cultural and economic value of salvage and reuse of building materials and architectural elements. CROWD acts through public engagement and education, research, practical and policy recommendations and economic development.