CI:RCLE – Circular Ithaca: Researching Construction in the Local Economy

The Circular Construction Lab, together with the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business has been awarded an Engaged Cornell public purpose research grant. We are happy and proud, and excited to combine our research and teaching within this exciting project!

The construction industry is the biggest consumer of energy and resources – accounting for 39% of greenhouse gas emissions and more than 50% of resource extraction and solid waste production. The concept of the circular economy is increasingly gaining attention as a way to overcome these challenges.

The CI:RCLE project team aims to investigate circular potentials of the local built environment by capitalizing on material reuse and recycling; new construction methods; the reactivation of embodied carbon, water and knowledge; green job creation; and new business models of production and construction. CI:RCLE represents a wide and diverse community of academic and industrial partners promoting and enabling circular construction through integrated research, case study projects and policy recommendations in support of the City and Town of Ithaca’s Green New Deal and 2030 carbon-neutrality goals.

– Felix Heisel, Circular Construction Lab, Department of Architecture, College of Architecture, Art and Planning
– Mark Milstein, Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise, Johnson Graduate School of Management, SC Johnson College of Business 
Community partners:
– Finger Lakes ReUse, Inc. 
– Ithaca Neighborhood Housing Services
– Cornell Cooperative Extension of Tompkins County
– Trade Design Build
– Taitem Engineering, PC