Available for pre-order now: Urban Mining and Circular Construction

The new book publication by Felix Heisel and Dirk E. Hebel, Urban Mining und kreislaufgerechtes Bauen (Urban Mining and Circular Construction) is available for pre-order in German starting today.

How can we build the cities of the future in times of increasingly scarce resources? This planning guide addresses this important question for architects and civil engineers, questioning the throwaway mentality practiced by today’s construction industry. The linear economic model of destroying resources is countered by the ideas of closed material loops, newly developed reversible construction technologies and, in particular, innovative business models of the circular economy. The built environment is understood as the material depot of the future.

International experts show from very different perspectives and with the help of forward-looking project examples how this paradigm shift can succeed and how the challenges of a circular economy can be met with completely new methodological approaches. They illustrate that the foundations for the reuse and recycling of building materials and components are already laid in the planning stage.

The conservation about our natural resources must become the central common goal of our society. This book aims to help bring us one step closer to this goal.

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